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MasterPro is one of the few cleaning companies in Dubai to offer a professional, reliable and eco-friendly window cleaning service for homes, villas and commercial buildings

Our Services:

We specialize in cleaning windows and glass features, for both homes and commercial properties, including offices, shops and showrooms. We provide a flexible service - whether it's a one off, weekly, monthly or annual service, we will be able to meet your needs. We use a diary scheduling system and require just one day of notice. What's more, we offer a free consultation and quote.


The renowned tucker pole window washing system is very effective in delivering spectacular window cleaning results. Used across the world to clean villas and attractions such as the British Airways London Eye, this system reduces the need for ladders and water wastage, making it very eco-friendly and safe. What's more, the system uses pure water, which means that all your windows are left spotless. Contact us today to get started on making your windows sparkle.


Our window cleaners are trained to provide the superior customer service you expect. They are experienced in cleaning both villa and commercial property windows and are experts at using our eco-friendly window washing system.


A clean and beautiful house or office can reflect a lot of good things about the owners. Big & clean windows not just bring ample sunlight in a house but also bring in a lot of positivity. But, cleaning your windows yourself can be difficult and even dangerous sometimes. So, why not hire an expert window cleaning company in Dubai that has years of experience in Window cleaning services?

The company provides a complete window cleaning service from low level windows to more complicated high-level areas that may require special access arrangements. Our expertise is diverse, whether cleaning windows in villas, multi storey offices or sky high hotels.

For us customer satisfaction is everything, therefore, we directly employ all of our operatives who are carefully selected for their technical capability, reliability and positive customer attitude. Our window cleaning specialists ensure, that they just not leave behind sparkling clean windows but also, happy customers. We believe that it is good to have clean houses but not at the cost of environment, therefore, we make sure, we use only eco-friendly practices. So, if green is your word too and you are looking for an eco-friendly window washing company, then look no further, contact Agha Window Cleaning Services today!

Get rid of dirt, dust, cobwebs, insect marks and get your windows looking brand new without lifting a finger - except to pick up the phone! Call Agha Window Cleaning Services Dubai and let us clean your houseís windows for you, so that you have sparkling, squeaky clean windows that ooze positivity.



We service large and small businesses across Dubai from shops to showrooms, hotels to hospitals.

The number of clients we service is growing by the week, our client retention rate is 100% and weíre constantly being recommended by existing customers to new onesÖ!

Traditionally commercial properties have suffered costly and unsightly scaffolding placed around its premises when getting their windows cleaned. Not only does this result in business disruption, but itís also costly, dangerous and requires many more individuals on site to assemble, supervise and dismantle the scaffolding.

However with our special equipmentís, we can reach heights of 70ft with our feet firmly on the ground, dramatically cutting the set-up, cleaning and man hours needed to clean your premises and saving you money. The best part, the results are far more superior and your windows are guaranteed to stay cleaner for longer.

We provide a flexible service; whether itís daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or an annual cleaning contract. We work around your schedule, so if you would need out of hours cleaning for your office block, or perhaps an early Saturday morning spruce up of your shop front, weíre always here!

Also, remember we offer a FREE No Obligation Quotation, so donít hesitate to contact a member of our team today!


For more information about our Windows Cleaning Services call us today!