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Floor and Stone Care


Floor Cleaning and Polishing:

We are specialists in cleaning and polishing different types of floor like marble, granite, tiles, parquet…etc.

We offer stain removal, polish, crystallization and shine enhance. Leveling is also offered in case the marble/granite is newly installed.

Polishing and Crystallization:

The term crystallization has entered the language of the marble polishing field as process used to polish and maintain a shine on marble surfaces. The crystallization process consists of spraying a fluid onto the marble floor and buffing it in with steel wool under a buffing machine. The steel wool generates heat through abrasion and the chemical reacts with the marble, producing a new compound on the surface of the stone. This procedure protects the surface of the stone, adds shine and may even harden the stone, increasing its wear.


Restoration is one of our most important service. We offer cutting, buffing, grouting, grinding, hole filling, polish and crystallization. If it can be fixed then we will ensure that your stone is restored to its best shape.

Types of stones:

We tend to a wide range of stones marble, granite, terrazzo, limestone, travertine and ceramic / porcelain.

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